The Crystsiva Story

What is Crystsiva?

Gifts for Someone Special

Crystsiva is a highly curated online boutique that has produced a stunning range of crystal jewelry. Our collection spans vintage-inspired finds to distinctive gems fit for a Goddess to pieces inspired by royalty. Our standout pieces can fit any occasion, from a bride’s walk down the aisle to a statement piece to complement an outfit. Our ethereal creations make the perfect gift to give or to pamper yourself.

Crystsiva is a place where jewelry tells our stories. For instance; our Khione collection sparks imagery of winter snows with dazzling silvers and radiant crystals.
Every piece of our jewelry is a sensational mix of beauty and whimsy that will make you dazzle.

Celebrate Our Differences

Crystsiva firmly believes that Jewelry is an extension of the person who wears it. It represents her individuality, symbolizes her interests and is wholly embedded in her unique aesthetic. It is a vehicle to celebrate our freedom in a distinct way.

Every collection we curate is anchored to the characteristics of one particular personality. Our collections can range from being classic to something more colorful. Crystsiva’s ethos is to allow our customers to accessorize in their own ways. Crystsiva creates jewelry meant to turn heads and garner attention, from bold statement earrings to sparkling pendants that emphasize your neckline. Our goal is to celebrate unique personalities and adorn our customers in ways that punctuate these unique differences.

Our Collections


With a bounteous collection of jewelry celebrating the colors of life and love, Flora, the Goddess of Spring has joined our Crystsiva family. Click the button below to explore our newest collection!

Love & Hearts

Love is contagious! Remember this magical moment of being loved and share it with the one you love. The Love & Hearts Collection provides heart-shaped charms, earrings and jewelry sets to show your affection.


From her shimmering crystal jewelry to shining silver, Khione, the Goddess of Snow has a signature style—sophisticated, confident, and oh-so-cool.