What is the Crystsiva Club?

Crystsiva's reward program, giving you fashion tips, reward points and amazing experiences. Plus, our club members earn points that add up to Crystsiva's notes that can be redeemed like cash online at Crystsivacharms.com.

How do I join and earn points?

Once you open an account or make a purchase with us, you will automatically join the club!  Or you can click the tab at bottom right corner of each page to join.  There are a few ways you can earn points:

1. Create an Account: You will get 20 points immediately via your club dashboard and 10% off coupon on your first order via your email after you open an account with us.

2. Make a Purchase:  Log into your account , then at the checkout, you will rack up 1 point per dollar with every purchase online at Crystsivacharms.com.

3. Refer A Friend: Each time you refer a friend, you will get 50 points added to your account plus your friends will get 10% off at their first purchase of $10 or more.

4. Personal Shopper Styling Service: You will have a choice to apply your 20 points immediately and get 40% off on your first service right after opening an account with us. You can get another 40% off on this service once you have more than 20 points on your account.

Earned rewards points that haven't yet been used to issue a Crystsiva's Note  will expire when your account is closed.

What are Notes and how do I use them?

All points add up to Notes, which can be cashed in at $5 per 500 points. Notes can be redeemed online at Crystsivacharms.com at checkout.

How do I cancel my Crystsiva Club membership?

Email us at: hello@crystsivacharms.com. We're always happy to help.